Let’s talk about the little blue pill!

Approved by the FDA for use in 2012, PrEP is a daily oral medication that has been proven to protect against HIV. Those who take PrEP regularly are shown to have 99.3% protection against HIV.

Why Would I Take PrEP?

Atlanta has the highest HIV rate in the country. Over 70% of new HIV diagnoses in white gay men are over the age of 30. Forty eight percent of black gay men in Atlanta are HIV positive. HIV rates are 44 times higher in gay men compared to straight. Over half of those with HIV are unaware of their status, and discussing someone’s status is still a tough topic for many. Bottom line, PrEP needs to be a serious discussion for every gay man in Atlanta. PrEP allows you to take control of your health and gives you a blanket of protection. Imagine not feeling anxious anymore waiting for your HIV results to come back. That’s peace of mind.

Is PrEP Safe To Take?

It’s very safe. 97% of all patients taking PrEP have no complications. About 10% of patients will experience some loose stool and headaches for the first 1-2 weeks. It can be taken with or without food. And if taken daily, provides 99% protection against HIV. 

PrEP (Truvada) is cleared by the kidneys. About 3% of patients who take Truvada will have issues clearing it and the result is a decline in kidney function. This is why we monitor your kidney function every three months. If we notice a decline, we stop the medicine and most make a complete recovery back to baseline. Descovy is the latest version of PrEP and is much less cleared by the kidneys, so for those who could not tolerate Truvada, we have another option that’s equally as effective at preventing HIV.

Why get my PrEP care at Elysium?

We heavily analyze every research article published on PrEP. You won’t be getting a script and told to come back when needed. You’ll have a doctor who is a clinical expert in PrEP, who understands the pros and cons and will help you make the most informed decisions.

With each PrEP appointment, you get the most comprehensive STI testing available with expert guidance on everything from treatment and prevention to possible new protocols.

Dr. Elliott is a gay men’s health specialist. That sore throat may not be strep, it could be gonorrhea or that burning when you pee may not be chlamydia, but a rarer organism like mycoplasma. Having specialized training allows Dr. Elliott to make the diagnosis faster.

We keep you informed on the latest in STI research. For example, did you know a 60-second gargle with Listerine can kill up to 70% of oral gonorrhea? You’ll always be up to date at Elysium Primary Care. 

If PrEP is something you want to know more about, give us a call at 470-663-6622.